Street Heroes – the next gen of Facebook games

Street Heroes is our first title, a tongue-in-cheek Facebook beat em’ up. An old-school experience for a new generation. Read on for more info.

Fight for Freedom

Street Heroes centres around combat. Revisit the 32-bit beat em’ ups of old re-imagined for a new platform and a new generation. Use a vast medley of ranged and melee weapons, special moves, dodges, blocks and boosts to best your enemies. Fight increasingly tough bosses with unique, inheritable special abilities. Test your mettle in horde mode, where waves of ever-toughening enemies present you with infinite challenge. Ty your luck at the hardest difficulty settings for each level. There’s a lot of fighting to be done in New Luxem…


Reclaim the Streets

The city of New Luxem is home to a great many gangs, each having laid claim to one of the city’s diverse districts. To end their tyranny you’ll have to clear these areas one by one, unlocking each gang’s wardrobe and weapons and gaining more control over each area as you go. Gain enough control and the gang leaders will make an appearance giving you the opportunity to face them down. With each district containing 3 levels and each level offering 3 difficulty settings… it won’t be easy.

Design your Donny

Street Heroes enables you to customise your character to great lengths. Every enemy costume in the game can be unlocked and is split into 4 parts: head, face, torso and legs. with the initial release of the game containing a whopping 49 full costumes, and with the added ability to customise skin-tone and your costume’s colours, there’s a lot of fun to be had in personalising your Donny. Add to that the ability to unlock and equip special abilities and tonnes of melee and ranged weaponry and you have yourself a game that let’s you fight in a style all your own. You can even customise your character’s apartment and unlock trophies to display within.


Hone Your Skills

Looks and abilities aren’t the only things you can manage in Street Heroes. Your character’s performance is defined by 5 stats: Strength, Speed, Critical, Luck and Defence. You’ll start the game with one point in each category, but each has 30 slots waiting to be filled. As you raise your stats you’ll be able to meet the challenges of the higher difficulty settings in-level giving you the ability to unlock more powerful special moves. Your health bar and focus energy can also be upgraded to allow for longer life and more special move uses.

Fight with Allies

But the best part? You don’t have to free the city alone. Street Heroes features fully synchronous multiplayer for up to four players. That means you can play, live, with your Facebook friends. Show off your character’s looks, skills and living quarters as you fight, chat and level-up together in real time earning more cash and making more progress than you would in single player mode. You know what they say: an experience shared is an experience doubled… or quadrupled in this case.